Sport on the Isle of Wight

If you are tired of site-seeing and looking for something more upbeat and adventurous on your holiday, then the Isle of Wight is the perfect place for you. In fact, the Isle of Wight offers something for everyone and sporting activities are one of the many options that visitors can enjoy while they come and relax at this fantastic island off the coast of the UK. Here are some of your options.

Appley Pitch ‘n’ Putt

In Ryde, there is a beautiful 9-hole golf course. The Appley Pitch ‘n’ Putt is popular among many tourists and it is open seasonally. The course is a par 3, so it is not extremely challenging. However, many love to visit the course for the breathtaking views of the island. Also, there is food available to complete the golfing experience.

Brickfields Horse Country

If you are interested in spending the day or even an afternoon riding, Brickfields Horse Country is the place for you. It is a complete Shire horse centre. They have miniature ponies and farm animals as well. In addition, you can go on a guided tour, visit the carriage museum, or participate in the pony school.

Cowes Corinthian Yacht Club

Another fun activity is to spend a day at the Cowes Corinthian Yacht Club. Sailing and boating are popular activities on the Isle of Wight. Experience the thrill of these activities at this club and bond with other yachtsmen. It is a fun place where you will be close to the sea.

Cowes Sports Football Club

If you want to be the next top footballer, or simply enjoy kicking the ball around, then spend a few hours at the Cowes Sports Football Club. It is a fun venue for sports activity and football lovers enjoy hanging out at this wonderful place.

The Heights Leisure Centre

For those interested in a wide range of fitness activities, The Heights Leisure Centre may be the place for you. They offer a variety of activities that are fun and relaxing. Individuals can swim, play squash, take classes, hang out in the health suite, and more.

Isle of Wight Hang Gliding and Paragliding Club

If you want to be a little more adventurous on your holiday to the Isle of Wight, you might consider checking into the Hang Gliding and Paragliding Club. They welcome visitors and it is a fun time to enjoy the beautiful coast that the island offers. It will be an experience like non-other.

Why Fans Get Crazy in Watching Football

When it comes to sports, they are expecting that fans may cheer for their own individual or a team. Sports are one of the best things that an individual may participate because it will develop their physical ability and mental as well. Most of the children right now are being sent to any sport by their parents for them to have experience on what makes them to be a better athlete someday. Popular sports like football, basketball, billiards, lawn tennis, bowling, hockey and golf are already developed for years. Due to their popularity, more and more people are getting interested to join any sport they want, as long it is their favorite and with passion as well. Right now, football is one of the best sports that any person may witness. Unlike any other sports, football is the most exciting sport of all time.

Football fans from around the world are now getting crazy in watching football either on TV or at the stadium. One of the football leagues which the fans are addicted is the English Premier League (EPL). There are so many teams they can cheer on like the Manchester United, Real Madrid, Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea and a whole lot more. In a football stadium, when the seats are all occupied you may feel the exciting atmosphere of the football fans who were cheering for their team. The football stadium twice or thrice bigger than a basketball arena or a hockey stadium. It is one of the reasons why football right now is the most discussed sport of all time. Football fans were also updated about football like the English Premier League through listening to the radio, watch news about football and searching the internet. Speaking about the internet, there were also forum communities for football fans to discuss anything they want about football, and to keep other fans updated about it.

Right now there were hundreds of forums, blogs and groups about football that exists in the internet and still growing. The reason they built their football forums, blogs and websites are consist of two things. The first thing is what we call passion, which a blogger or website owner is to write something about football that makes them passionate. Because of passion, football fans who were accessing the internet are getting chances to check out the website or blog, and to subscribe and leave comments as well. The other reason why they built them is to make money from their ads displayed on their website or use keywords to link into a football shop site. No matter what the reason we are choosing, it may last long only with passion and quality. Its also one of the reasons why football fans go crazy. Not only they are crazy about watching football online, but also to get updated through blogs and forums they are subscribing. They can even answer polls, surveys and even play games that are related to football through search engines. When a football fan goes crazy, we must think that football is really something to them rather than any sport. It is their own passion to go crazy watching football, as well as to participate with some websites like soccer forums.

The Pyramid Of Sport – From Sex To Superconsciousness

Man’s evolutionary physical, psycho/emotional, spiritual journey

Lies in the symbolism of our favorite sports

At the beginning – hunker down, bunker-down football

Through the winds of basketball

Into the waiting game of baseball

And the composure and agility of tennis

To the preservation of energy in golf

To the spirit itself

The big five American sports

Do you have the courage and stamina and insight to travel the path?

From sex to super consciousness

Perhaps it is valuable to have a deeper look at some of our favorite American sports, and the attitudes that support and bind them. We, as a people, give over so much of our psychological and financial energy to sustain them that sometimes a larger perspective can bring us the clarity
we need to see what is actually transpiring. Without being judgmental, but still looking at Sport with directness and understanding, it helps to go behind the obvious hoop-la of the spectacle, and attempt to seek out the higher spiritual truths, which seem at first glance to be concealed, but actually are right in front of our eyes. Even if there are those among us who have nothing whatsoever to do with sporting events – still you give their tacit support also. We all do. There is scarcely a product that you can purchase, nor an idea or attitude in the mass-market that is not somehow connected directly or indirectly to the promotion of sport – from clothing to electronics to food and drink and sex and cars – basically everything. You buy a soda. You contribute. You buy a Mazda. You contribute. All of us are contributors to Sport in one-way or another

So let us begin. If you will, picture a pyramid, and place at the base of the structure the great American sport – Football – the contact sport – the sexual sport. The roar of the male heard throughout the millennia. The quarterback takes the testicle- shaped ball from near the sexual organs of the Center, who is himself bent over clutching the ball. Oh yeah! The scantly clad, leggy cheerleaders bounce their pompoms, and cheer their boys. The males respond with loud guttural caveman-like sounds and thump their chests so the competition can begin. Lots of hands on contact, attack the left side, grunting and groaning, penetrating the line, grabbing the ball, hard tackles, bodies knocking together, throwing a pass, piling on, pats on the rump, wild emotional swings as the boys try to rise to the occasion and Score – badabing badabang badaboom. The booze flows; the crowd roars, the band blares.

Football is played on a rectangular shaped field called a gridiron, which if you looked at it vertically, resembles the bars in a jail – made to confine as well as define the limits of the game. It’s clock ticks off in four tough-nosed quarters. Hard time served. Not a kind, intimate, one on one strength- type sport; football is all male domination baby – rough and ready; battle hardened warriors; in your face mask, organized violence with penalties, testosterone Tarzans in uniforms. It’s physical, it’s loud, it’s arousing, it’s aggressive, It’s undaunted by violence or injuries. It’s the males’ primitive intelligence being displayed. It’s for the glory man, for the adulation and the raw emotion.

It represents the beginnings of the male sexual energy coming alive, and needing to be cheered on by the anonymous crowd and the allure of the dancing female. If you think not, try football without the raucous crowds, or better yet imagine it minus the cheerleaders. It many ways football is an extension of the unconscious male bonding process started in the adolescent years, and needs to be applauded and encouraged. Males bond with themselves first, before they are capable with connecting with the opposite sex. They have to. It is their way – the only way they know.

It’s called the sexual contact sport, because that is what it is. In the beginning there’s sex, at the end not so much. No need to be shy away from it. Just look directly at the symbolism behind the play. It represents the eternal dance of the males performing their bonding ritual to show off their stuff. Only in our time it is played out in the form of a massive physical and digital spectacle sport. Looked at another way it is also easy to see, if you follow the basic rules of engineering, that you need the substance of rock hard concrete to build a strong structure. You need that type of strength in the foundation. You need those guys roaring, and thumping, and pumping. It’s the base of the pyramid not the top. Strength is a must here. Not necessarily smarts. You need those guys on the line. It’s male psychology that’s all. The mythic King Kong attitude is required on the gridiron, even if it is caged or perhaps better put – only if it is caged. Society would not stand for that energy roaring about and knocking over any of it’s other carefully constructed institutions.

Football kicks off in September, and like sex itself, its mighty energy is spent in sixteen short, grunting games. Football – the active force; the beginning, but let’s not get stuck there, ’cause it’s not the end. The energy stirs into life at this completely American game placed squarely at the bottom of the sport pyramid. Positive traits: discipline, hard work – emphasis on hard as in hard muscles, and work, as in macho pumping iron man; team temperament – as in the support for your side of the turf with unflinching loyalty, confidence building – as in getting your ego stroked, as in strutting your mojo.

If football is fraught with stops and starts, setbacks, injuries, and spent energy, basketball is played in eighty plus games to a flow. It is stilled played in timed quarters – back and forth across the rectangle-shaped court, but in this game much of the skill is in not coming in contact with the other players. If played correctly it can be, and in fact is one of the most harmonious and rhythmic games of the five. Basketball is the wind sport. From the grunting and groaning of the lower body, to the breath of the lungs – the chamber that holds the heart, and pushes words through the throat center.

Here we leave the thrusting hips and legs of the football giants in favor of the more agile, sprint legs of the lighter dancers on the hardwood court. Jumping, passing, running, turning, shooting, the team choreographs itself to score. Then to defend – hands waving, eyes darting, blocking, quickness, aware. Instead of the hunker-down bunker-down mentality of football, more of an open intuitive finesse approach. The breath of life is not so much grunting, as it is refining itself, not so much yelling at the opponent as lungs working hard to catch the rhythm of the game. Wind endurance is key in this game. The concept of responsibility within a team is still very important. Cheerleaders -introduced only decades ago at the professional level – seem to be still needed at this stage – those legs, and lips and hips, and pompoms jumping and cheering. The energy of the heart and lungs is still connected to the lower emotional center. Oh these comforting adolescent props are still considered necessary, even on this plane. Positive traits: refinement of skills, speed plus agility, intuitively going with the flow.

As you ascend the pyramid the time restrictions as well as the rectangular shaped constrictions of the first two arenas give way to the welcome and open feeling of the diamond. The diamond is the connector between the lower and the upper – the brute strength of football, and the mental composure and agility of tennis. Baseball is the patient waiting game. Not so much grunting and wind of the other two – but more of that space between the breaths. That gap – that relaxed tension – the holding – the waiting – for the pitch, for the swing, for the crack of the bat. Then the hit – that explosion into life – movement – the ball dancing across the field – players moving in their positions – the mental and physical come together

Individual responsibility, important in all the sports, is even more accentuated at this level. Be with the team, but take your turn alone at the plate. It all counts in baseball: physical prowess, mental stability, silent communications, and individual accountability. Eye on the ball, sacrifice fly. Cheerleaders are no longer needed at this stage, minimal physical contact, not so much flowing wind as burst of life – hand signals instead of words. Gone is the wildness and spent energy of football. The baseball season last six months and over a hundred and sixty games. It is perhaps the most esoteric social sport. The singular goal after running away from home, and being stranded on the base pads with the opposite team (the enemy) all around, is to have enough skill and savvy, strength, determination, and insight, plus a little help from a friend and a strong dose of good fortune left to make your way back home. ‘Cause, baby, in this game no points are put on the board till you come home – America’s pastime – the connecting sport – Baseball.

From the many to the few – from the pounding strength of football, into the flowing breath of basketball, and through the waiting game of baseball – through all the lessons of the past, the obstacles and challenges; the tests needed to be given and learned, understood and overcome; from these many arms and legs working- out and flailing about; from the constant pressure to perform, from pomp and circumstance to just plain circumstance, from the glory and adulation comes the birth of the Two – Tennis.

Symbolically tennis represents the eternal yin and yang – the pair – the mythical Adam and Eve; the original split, the original coming together. To go this distance you can understand how much physical, psychological and spiritual effort it takes. You can’t run out of gas to get this far. The final goal is clearly within reach. If you haven’t blown it all on sex, booze and rock and roll, or on wild emotional roller coaster rides, or have not gotten lost in the din of mass media confusion – if you have successfully negotiated your way this far, and still have enough of your original sane energy left, then you have prepared well, because there is a big psychological shift here.

You are now composed, conditioned and ready to stand alone for the first time. You have gathered enough strength and poise and power to confidently place yourself on the court, upright and dressed in white with singular focus and intention, and challenge your adversary face to face – one on one; directly. No team support here – no cheerleaders – no physical contact – no one to help, no social contract or responsibilities, no time restrictions. You have risen above the fray, and are now completely trusted and disciplined, and capable. You have been taught by the other sports; discipline, hard work, stamina, speed, mental agility, and patience. Tennis is the game of two – relationships on the higher level – body, mind, focus, self-reliance. From the brute strength at the base of the pyramid to the supple conditioning near the top – the Two come to play. Rare indeed it is to find someone so accomplished and adept as to climb out of lustful sex and aggression into the higher realms of love, compassion, trust and integrity. Tennis – transforming, absolutely scary; where you stand alone ready to meet your mirror opposite.

Finally, at the top of the pyramid is Golf. The yoga of sport, where strength and practice have been preserved for the real test – the union with your true Self. Here we have learned from the grosser material elements of the gridiron and have passed all the tests along the way. As you are at the top, you understand the true meaning and intensity of the testing process – raw metal turned into fined, honed steel. Where the fool and the wise man have met in the lower arenas, and the fool has governed much of the time, now only the wise man has control of the reins. Great insight, and self-examination are what is called for at this level. The inner is reflected in what you do, and who you are. It is here that you face yourself – not the crowd on the field or in the stands, or the person across the court, or any other person for that matter – only you. If you have gotten this far, you possess that steeled steadiness and courage to find out who you really are.

In golf there are no ‘in your face’ rivals or hunker-down attitudes, no boundaries, no physical contact, no rah rah sis cum bah, no signals, no noise, no violence, no rock and roll, no huge stadiums, no boisterous intoxicated crowds, no right or wrong way, no uniforms, nothing – only the One. You. The subtleties of yin and yang have finally been mastered, and individual responsibility for one’s actions becomes total. After all who is it that got you into that sand trap anyway? Spiritually and symbolically at this stage all is lost and everything is gained. The ball now becomes an extension of your mind, of your skill, of life’s journey itself. In golf, the lessons of the others are directed inward toward the real you. It is here that your inner skills are near perfection – self-awareness, waiting in between breaths, centeredness, fearlessness, singular focus, and courage to look inward. The mirror is gazing upon itself – master golf – master your mind. Quiet the chatter. Silence the chaos Find the real you.

Get off the pyramid. If you have made it this far, congratulations, you have completed the journey from sex to super-consciousness. All wrapped up in sport.

The inner life of sport is like society itself. At the base – concrete laws – delineated, defined, confined, crime and punishment, political power plays, military might, survival of the fittest. At the basketball level – quick response is needed – the heart of the matter – speech – the power of the word. At the baseball stage you find the connection between thinking, feeling and willing – social mores, political regulations, justice plus the deeper spiritual truths, compassion, goodness, and love thy neighbor. Tennis is intimacy, trust, and personal integrity at the high level, communities trying to be good and do good on the social level, and the two party system on the national level. At the top of the pyramid is golf, which is anything but the dogma and regulations of church or temple, or synagogue. It is the spirit itself – alive, immediate, in the moment. To reach golf – to reach the true Spirit – you have to be willing to drop all the false masks and pseudo identities which family and society have bestowed, and go beyond the crowd of facade masks to find your own first, true and only identity – ever present, always fresh – just beyond the mind stuff.

From the bottom to the top, all of Sport has its long-standing inner challenges. Its unseen teachings are not promoted – or even known – by the owners, players or the media, so they still remain little understood and yet to be purified, but they are there nonetheless and waiting to be learned. Naturally, because of this lack of understanding, people get stuck at one level or the other – usually at the lower – and fail to see each stage as only a growth phase and not a permanent location on which to place ones energies. So, in our society, we frequently see many 45 year old 16 year old’s, and many of our leaders are stuck in football, when what is needed is perhaps baseball consciousness, or maybe even tennis, or a combination. In our current culture there is no mechanism on how to grow up and mature as a human being. Much of the time you, unfortunately cannot trust the society’s ways. You will only get led astray. For the society, as we know it, certainly does not understand the way.

But we should all remember that what is seen and touched on the exterior is just a reflection. This outer form is the garment for the inner testing process. Stadiums, helmets, pads, uniforms, bats, balls, rackets and clubs only provide the venue for the spiritual energy to work. Obstacles and pit falls that could have been removed long ago still remain. But the underlining spiritual current is still the same – undaunted, unchanged, eternal and waiting to be discovered. Why get trapped? Progressing through each segment is so much easier than going ’round in circles, and getting stuck in the same old ditch – over and over and over, like a broken record. If we make a little effort, we might actually get somewhere by completing the journey.

Collecting Sports Memorabilia

A collector of sports memorabilia has a large variety of aspects to consider when either starting, or expanding their collection. While some will direct their energy towards individual, star players, other will concentrate on items relating to “teams.” However, in whatever direction your interest takes you, there is plenty to keep you occupied!

A memorabilia collection based on successful professional sports men and women have always been popular amongst collectors. Collecting sports memorabilia is an international hobby and therefore, collectors will sometimes collect items relative to sports not popular in their own countries. For example, there are many collectors in the United Kingdom who have collections featuring famous past and present American football or baseball players.

The world of traditional football or soccer is today a huge worldwide phenomenon influenced by the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. This successful event created new sports memorabilia collectors who once bitten by the “collecting bug” are now hungry to pursue this fascinating hobby on a more extensive basis. Being a collector has no boundaries and part of the excitement of the hobby is communicating and exchanging information with other collectors the world over.

The collecting of articles used in competitions by a team or items from individual participants can be worth a great deal of money, as can autographs of famous sports-persons. In this regard, perhaps a word of warning is appropriate. This is a huge and lucrative business with fortunes traded across the world every day. It therefore attracts many fraudsters and cheats out to make some easy money from scamming unsuspecting collectors.

If you are a new collector and still finding your way, be aware of negotiating or buying from sellers who are not recognised. Fraudsters and cheats are continuously seeking inexperienced people whom they can dupe with items that are not genuine. However, many reputable and long established dealers will help and give you solid advice.

Some collectors relate their memorabilia collection to a certain individual in sport. They will acquire anything and everything associated with this particular sports-person. This is where a creative ability can help you and by being aware of items sold and bought on the market you can get a feel for the market. If you are looking at collecting sport memorabilia from a financial point of view then confining your collection to an individual could limit your expansion and lead to frustration. A point to remember is that many collectors do not intend to sell any part of their collection and collect purely for enjoyment.

Your knowledge of sport memorabilia will play a major part in your ability as a collector. It will make it possible for you to set your own standards of quality and market related costs. There are magazines and journals available to collectors and it is advisable for new collectors to subscribe to these. The study of authenticated and replica products will help you in observing market trends, especially when it comes to the price of items. It will also give you a further advantage by providing insight into what is in demand now and what is likely to be in the future.

The Most Popular Sports in the World

There are about 8,000 listed sports and these consist mainly of a mixture of physical and mental activities – some of which are not really that popular among people. Hence, it is understandable status there are those who contest of their status as “sports” and pose that they’d be removed. Wikipedia has narrowed it down to 500 but this list remains to be debatable. Regardless though, there are those competitive games that have won the hearts of different nationalities and are continuously celebrated worldwide. These sports are able to gather crowds and lift spirits, thereby, making them the most popular sports in the world.

1. Volleyball. According to statistics, there are about 998 million volleyball participants in the world (not necessarily professional players) and about 218 affiliated national federations. It is played in all countries and was even made the national sport of Sri Lanka.

2. Basketball. This leading sport has 400 million practitioners and 211 associated national federations. It is also one of the most popular, with NBA (or the National Basketball Association) as the most popular and successful league in the field.

3. Baseball. It is the national sport of the United States and a well-known activity among Asian and European countries. With about 60 million participants, 117 member nations and 110 affiliated national federations, baseball may be one of the most profitable sporting ventures to date.

4. Football. Though originally a European sport, football is now also a U.S. bred activity. It has about 2 million followers and 97 affiliated national federations. It is not really that heavily practiced in the East except for Japan. But in the United States, it has rose to become on of the most watched sporting events of the year. In support, the National Football League generates $6.2 billion annually for their season.

5. Finally, soccer. This sport has over 242 million practitioners and 204 associated federations. It is played in 93 countries and 208 member nations. Europe houses the biggest fans of this sport and during the FIFA World Cup, there were about 26 billion people watching it.

Football Goal Nets and a Life Without Them

Football goal nets are essential if you want that professional feel to every match you play. But football goal nets are not just there to catch the ball whenever a goal is scored. They can completely transform the match that you are playing.

Imagine you’re playing in a match, acting as goal keeper. The pitch is in a wide open space, and behind you is a goal post with no net. You stand there, watching your team members battle for the ball. You yell encouragement out to them as you wait, wait for that member of the opposite team to take control of the ball and bring it in your direction. When that happens, you have to be ready. If they shoot for a goal, you have to save it.

You wait, and it happens. The opposite team drives the ball towards you, and they shoot with a kick that puts all kicks to shame. You dive for the ball but miss it. It speeds between the goal posts, and then continues to roll on, driven by gravity and the sheer force of the kick. On and on it rolls, right down to the other end of the field.

Cursing, you turn and head after it, listening to the other team singing of their victory. Still you go, jogging to retrieve the ball that seems to have rolled on for miles. Not only are you feeling sour about letting the goal slip through your fingers, but you’re also feeling sour about the fact that you seem to be spending all your time chasing after the ball whenever a shot is taken. There’s no fun in it anymore and you’re feeling frustrated. Your attention to the match is wavering, and for someone who is depended upon to defend their goal, that’s a bad thing.

Let’s add football goal nets into that equation:

You stand there, watching your team members battle for the ball. You yell encouragement out to them as you wait, wait for that member of the opposite team to take control of the ball and bring it in your direction. When that happens, you have to be ready. If they shoot for a goal, you have to save it.

You wait, and it happens. The opposite team drives the ball towards you, and they shoot with a kick that puts all kicks to shame. You dive for the ball but miss it. It speeds between the goal posts and collides with the net before rolling to a stop between the posts.

Turning, you take the two steps it takes to retrieve the ball. As you throw it back out into the thick of the match, you curse yourself for letting the goal through. As you watch the match commence, you promise yourself that next time you’ll save the goal, and you devote your entire attention towards the ball.

A Great Guide to Collecting Retro Football Memorabilia

Many young individuals the world over are dreaming of being able to play professional football. Athletes of the likes of David Beckham, Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo are worshiped likes gods. You can see their pictures adorning the bedrooms of many teenage boys and girls. The successful staging of the World Cup 2010 in South Africa has only added to the popularity of the sport. Football, it seems, is life itself for many youngsters. One of the ways which these individuals show their appreciation of their favorite athletes is by getting their football kits.

Team Spirit

Even with the new contemporary kits available, most footballs fans still prefer retro football kits. Even kids are attracted to these classic team uniforms. Kits are designed to represent team spirit. They are supposed to arouse inspiration and motivation. They add to the color and the creative energy that surrounds the sport of football, making it more popular to a wider audience. When fans see their favorite players wearing their colorful attire, you can expect wild cheers to ensue. Such is the importance of football jerseys to a sports team.

Valuable Collectible

Because of the role that football kits play in the popularity of the sports, they have become much sought after sports memorabilia. Collectors even frame these jerseys to hang them in a special place in their homes. When it comes to footballs kits, again the favorite of most collectors are retro football jerseys and shirts. If the kits is identified with a great player, then the more valuable it becomes. If the jersey is autographed by a legendary player, then it becomes almost priceless. There are retro football jerseys that are identified with great teams of the past. These are teams that have achieved great accomplishments during their time.

Prized Retro Jerseys

One of the most popular kits are the ones worn by the 1950 Brazilian team. This is the team that is led by the legendary striker Pele. Along with Jairzinho and Carlos Alberto, they dominated the football world during their time. Their greatness is reflected on their magnificent looking kits with the old-style CBF badge fully embroidered.

The 1970 Italian retro jersey is also very popular. The Italians have always been one of Europe’s greatest teams and their jersey with the Italian shield-style badge is a witness to the team’s achievements. Manchester United is one of the most popular professional football team in the world. This is why their jerseys are much sought-after by collectors.

Sporting Venues in London

Here’s a look at some of the venues for sport in London, including a look ahead to the 2012 Olympic venues and other popular spectator sports in and around the city of London.

Londoners have a ravenous appetite for sports, football in particular. London boasts six teams playing in the Premiership and ten other teams in lower divisions of professional football.
The most successful or at least the most popular teams are Chelsea, champions of the English Premier League, and Arsenal.

The Arsenal museum near the current stadium tells of munitions workers who had to take up a collection to purchase the club’s first football in 1886. The timeline runs through 2002 when Arsenal won the FA cup and the Premier League, with the entire history of the club sandwiched in between.

Arsenal is in the process of building a new stadium in Ash Burton Grove that will cost nearly three quarters of a billion U.S. dollars. Chelsea completed renovations to their 42,000 seat stadium in 2001, costing an estimated two hundred million dollars. The new stadium will offer some 4,000 more seats than old Arsenal Stadium. The record attendance of an Arsenal game was in 1935 when 73,000 fans saw Arsenal play to a 0-0 tie with Sunderland FC. The old stadium is a listed building because of its Art Deco style.

Chelsea has been playing football for over a hundred years. Their winning ways started after the 1955 season when they won the league for the first time. Chelsea has been popular all along, but their fan base seems to grow larger every year. Chelsea’s stadium was renovated in 2001 at a cost of nearly two hundred million dollars. Their home at Stamford Bridge was constructed in 1877. The origins of its name are from a creek that flows near the stadium, called “Stamford Creek”, and a bridge called “Little Chelsea Bridge”. Over time it has just been called “Stamford Bridge”. The only part of the original stadium is the east stand. An overly ambitious project, the renovations of the 1970’s nearly bankrupt the team, and forced them to liquidate star players to stay afloat financially. The current “Stamford Bridge Stadium” has been totally updated in the past two decades. It houses two 4 star hotels, five restaurants, underground parking, a health club, business center, retail outlets, and a museum of sorts that chronicles the history of Chelsea FC with interactive activities for fans on its twelve and a half acre grounds.

Tickets to either Chelsea FC or Arsenal FC matches are quite expensive and some of the other eleven professional teams within London make going to a match more affordable. Barnet, Brentford, Charlton Athletic, Crystal Palace, Fulham, Leyton Orient, Milwall, Queens Park, Tottenham Hotspur, Watford, and West Ham United are all professional football clubs in the London Area. That makes more professional teams than any other city in the world.

Even with football as the main course, London’s ravenous appetite for sports still has room for other sports. The first written records of Cricket being played in London go back to 1680, but it is thought by many to have been played in the city prior to that. The main venues for Cricket in London are The Oval, Kennington, and Lords Cricket Grounds. While most Cricket Clubs around London use amateur players it is still quite popular as a spectator sport.

Rugby was developed at Rugby School in Rugby Warwickshire in England. A plaque at the school commemorates the invention of Rugby by William Webb Ellis, and his total disregard for the rules of football became the game of Rugby when he picked the ball up and ran with it. Rugby is currently played in over 100 countries world wide. England has four national rugby teams currently that compete in the World Cup, and other Championship events. Twickenham is the reigning world championship venue for rugby.

With the exception of Wimbledon, tennis is not a great spectator sport. A lot of junior tennis is played in London, and some world class junior tournaments are held there. Sport England is a board that encourages grass roots participation in sport. With the Olympics coming in 2012 the London branch has decided to make a push for youngsters to play serious tennis. Since Wimbledon is held in London they want to get more kids interested in tennis and hopefully some to represent London during the championships.

London has been officially named the host of the 2012 Summer Olympic Games. While that seems like a lot of time to prepare, it really isn’t. London already has many world class venues that will be used with little improvement. Other facilities need to be built. The Olympic Village will be constructed in East London. Swimming, hockey, rowing, football, and equestrian events will all need special venues. The Olympic Village is being built in Olympic Park so that seventy-five percent of the athletes will be able to compete within 20 minutes of their events. The diversity of the city insures fans for all sports, and all national teams at the Olympics. The staff for the 2012 Olympics will be about 3,000 plus an additional 70,000 volunteers by the time the games commence. Putting these games on will be both a challenge and an honour, and will serve as a testament to Londoners’ love of sport.

Football Autograph And Autographed Football Helmets For Your Collection

A football autograph by a famous footballer can be worth a fortune as most of avid collectors are willing to pay anything to get one. Not only that, even collectibles such as football helmets are also significant souvenirs for football fans who can do anything to get their hands on to one of these exotic collectibles. This article tells you where you can find souvenirs to add to your list of football collectibles.

Football is a very popular sport. Football fans would do anything to grab a souvenir specially autographed by their most adored player or any other footballing superstar. Whether it is a football autograph or any other memorabilia such as autographed football helmets, items like these can be the ultimate dream of any avid sports buff to add them in their list of collections. This is the main reason behind the thriving global sports souvenir industry in recent times as there are millions of crazy fans out there who are indeed willing to spend a fortune to lay their hands on any such autographed memorabilia.

When it comes to football collectibles, then the options are unlimited as people are not only crazy for football autograph from the football celebrities they worship, but also the jerseys or balls to be a part of their collections. This is why many people add head gears or football helmets to their collection. Most collectors prefer to buy helmets worn by their favorite star while playing a significant game; especially if the helmet is signed by the star himself then it becomes almost priceless and as valuable as any treasure. It may be overtly surprising how millions of people out there can spend a fortune to get one of these autographed football helmets even though they are not serious souvenir collectors themselves.

However, the question which bothers many is where to find these valuable football helmets with football autograph on them. Well, if you don’t know any mortar and brick sports auction store then you can always look out on the Internet as these days anything and everything is easily available on the World Wide Web. There are numerous authorized sites where you can get access to one of these special football helmets signed by your favorite football star. Most of these sites have a great collection of football collectibles and they also offer their products with discounts.

Other than that there are plenty of authentic auction sites where you can place your bid in order to own your favorite star’s helmet with his football autograph on it. But always be careful to check out the pictures of the items you are buying or bidding for and go for sites which display original pictures of their products. While buying any football collectible or memorabilia from the web do not forget to check for the authenticity certificates which come with the collectibles.

Philadelphia Eagles Sports Football Camp

Philadelphia Eagles football camp takes place at Lehigh University in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. At the start of training season, rookies and also free agents will report to the college dorms of the university to prepare for intense, 2-a day, all day workouts. Soon after that, the veterans will report to camp and the full workouts and training will begin.

Another intriguing part of training camp for fans is that they can watch the practice sessions without paying an arm and a leg for tickets. The media is there to watch as well to give football fans at home full reports as to how the players look, who is going to be starting that year, and who may be hurt. This will also be beneficial to those who play Fantasy Football. The Eagles have been training at Lehigh for 13 years. The university has four football practice fields for the team to train on, allowing coaches to work on different things at the same time.

The Eagles started to train at Widener University in 1973. The site was featured in the movie “Invincible” about the former Eagles player Vince Papale. This proved to be very exciting for both Eagles fans and Philadelphia natives. Philadelphia Eagles sports football camp stayed at Widener until 1980 when they moved their training camp to West Chester University. The team stayed there until 1995 when they made the move to Lehigh.

Philadelphia Eagles sports football camp is a great time for the players to make decisions about the upcoming season. Veteran players who may have thought they would start or be a key player that year could easily work their way down to second string. This could happen especially if a new rookie comes on to the scene and steals their thunder. The coaches watch intently as they make their rosters and imperative decisions for the upcoming season.

Players can easily get hurt in this intense strict workout they receive at Philadelphia Eagles sports football camp. This in turn could also give a second string player or rookie a chance to move into the starting lineup, or even start a few more games than they expected. The coaches have a perfect opportunity to weed out the weaker players and put together plays for the upcoming season. They also have the chance to get to know the players better on a personal level, especially the new players and rookies.

Training camp proves to be a very important tool for everyone involved. The players, coaches and even the media get to have their predictions for the new football season. Each year proves to be more exciting then the next and seeing the players get ready for the upcoming year brings about the football fan in everyone.

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